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SPAN provides formal assessment and treatment services for the spectrum of psychological and neuropsychological disorders in patients across the life span. Specialty populations include clinical depression, anxiety disorders, couples, neurological disorders such as dementia and MS, ADD, parenting concerns, presurgical screening, chronic pain, stress and postconcussion syndrome.

Our approach to patient care is geared toward identifying the diagnostic presentation, and then offering evidence-based therapies to address the condition, as needed. We value the dignity and unique situation of each patient referred to SPAN. We see ourselves as part of the care continuum and provide consultation and regular status reports to all referral sources, while respecting the privacy rights of each patient. We continue to be honored to assist other providers with their patients.

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- SPAN provides timely, ongoing consultation with primary and specialty providers in order to coordinate care.
- SPAN provides 24 hour, on-call service for patients who may require crisis intervention.
- SPAN provides ongoing quality assurance activities in clinic to assure patient progress and appropriate management of care.
- SPAN provides biofeedback therapy.
- SPAN works with most insurers, as well as fee for service arrangements.
- SPAN provides courtesy verification of a patient’s insurance benefits at no cost to the patient.
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